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December 2012

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Mini Illamasqua Nail Polish Haul

I've been going through a nail polish-a-holic phase ever since I managed to pick up some new brands, such as Butter London, Nfu Oh, and Deborah Lippmann (post to come soon-ish). I've been really motivated to change my nail colour every couple of days, instead of my usual weekly change.

Anyway this post is about my mini Illamasqua nail polish haul from Icefrost's spree when there was a 20% code online recently. You probably remember that I'm a huge fan of Illamasqua's blushes but I also recently fell in love with their nail polishes after trying them out in the States. But I restricted myself to just two shades and I'm really happy with my final decision!

It was a very efficient and well-organised spree and I got my items in great condition!

Each of these nail polishes retail for £13.50, so they're definitely not cheap. However, I find they're quite worth the price as the quality/formula is just great and the array of shades they have is really wide too. The Sephora stores I went to in the States carried about 15-18 shades depending on the outlets, but online they've got so many more to choose from that I was really spoilt for choice.

I picked up Fern and Raindrops, which hadn't been available in stores in the States.

Fern (left) is one of my favourite shades, a bright sky blue with micro shimmers. *Loves*
Raindrops (right) is a testament to my recent obsession with grey nails. It's described on the Illamasqua website as:
"Sheer light grey, jelly finish".

I can't wait to try these out, but I have faith that Illamasqua will not fail me =) Now I just need to go sort out my Illamasqua haul from the States and you'll get to see what other shades I bought home with me!



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