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December 2012

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Wet n Wild Haul (US Haul)

Wet n Wild went through probably one of the most successful brand revivals fairly recently and they're now all the rage in the beauty world. Of course I had to check out what the fuss was about. And since they're extremely reasonably priced, I ended up hauling quite a few pieces =P

My mini mountain of Wet n Wild.. lol..

I was most excited about the trios and ended up hauling 4 of the 6 available in the drugstores. Clockwise from top left corner, I got: Walking on Eggshells, Cool as A Cucumber, Don't Steal My Thunder and On Cloud Nine. These are incredibly handy to tote around and I'm sure by now you've all seen way too many swatches of these babies that you know just now pigmented they are.

Besides the trios, I also picked up two of the 6-pan palettes. From left: Greed and Lust.

But my best find was when I stumbled upon this LE Eye Kit in Snow Sprite from Wet n Wild's holiday 2010 collection that was all the rage and promptly sold out. I found it in a very innocuous corner of a Duane Reade near Herald Square in NYC, and I almost couldn't believe my eyes!

I'm really happy with my stroke of good luck at finding this as I believe these were LE and super hard to find as everyone was clambering to get their hands on the super value-for-money kits. All in all, I'm really pleased with my Wet n Wild haul, and I'd definitely recommend these to anyone who can get their hands on any of it. I'm just lamenting that I couldn't get the 8-pan palettes before I came home =( Oh well.. There's always online shopping =P


I didn't know you wanted Snow Sprite. I could had gotten you that last year.
loll.. it wasn't on top of my list then.. I think i was just really excited to spot it sitting in Duane Reade when the entire collection supposedly sold out months ago.. hehehe
You'll love Walking on Eggshells. Its perfect for work. :D
I think out of all the WnW palettes I've tried, Greed disappointed me
most. Some of the shades aren't as pigmented as it should be. Have
fun playing with them dear, I can't wait to see some EOTD! :p
I thought the exact same thing about Walking on Eggshells! I haven't had much chance to play with them, and I'll definitely have to make time cuz I was so looking forward to trying them out. =)
lucky you to have found these!
hehehe.. I was trolling all the drugstores I could find in NYC searching for Wet n Wild.. pity I couldn't find the 8 pan ones.. and some of the other trios weren't available too..