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December 2012

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Blush Crush - Stila Make Me Blush (US Haul)

Sorry for the sporadic posts lately.. Work has been mad crazy and I'm putting in about 12hrs each day, which doesn't leave me with much energy or time to post. But let's talk about happier things.. like blush!!

Isn't she gorgeous?? This is definitely one of my more prized acquisitions from my US trip, and to think I stumbled upon this quite randomly.

This blush palette was released earlier this year, just in time for Valentines Day which I assume is the inspiration behind the lovely heart-shaped prints. The case itself is nothing to write home about, which is kinda sad cuz it would have been so much more epic if Stila had spent a bit more effort on the packaging.

Chances of me finishing this 9.9g baby is slim to none.. lol..

The clear plastic cover of the case flips open all the way, and again I can't help wishing that the packaging was more deserving of the loveliness within. The whole plastic casing's kinda like a wet blanket don't you think?

The blush palette itself however does make up for the lack of effort in terms of packaging. It's like the designers spent all their time and effort on this gorgeous baby and promptly collapsed from exhaustion thereafter, leaving the design of the packaging unattended.

I haven't managed to bring myself to use this yet, don't want to ruin the lovely gold overspray. I'm not sure if I'd ever be able to bring myself to touch it. Or perhaps it's just become part of my stash that's meant to be revered but not used... At just US$14, this was such a great steal I actually kinda regret not getting a back up so I can have my cake and eat it.. lol..


A super steal!
yup! best buy =P
me likey! so pretty!
Pretty hor.. I'm kicking myself for not buying a back up.. Now I can't bear to use it