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December 2012

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Quick Peek - Estee Lauder Gold Opulence

Again I have to apologise for the infrequent updates. I've been averaging 11-12 hours at work each day and even over the weekends, so I haven't had much spare time or energy to blog. So I figured let me do some Quick Peeks of some items I've been playing around with in my stash.

This LE quad was released as part of Estee Lauder's Holiday 2009 Ultimate Red collection. I didn't pick this up when it was first released, but instead got this from the CCO when I was in the US.

Like many high-end brands such as Guerlain, EL seems to be quite fond of the full-mirror-surface case which alternates between looking shiny and gorgeous, and being a fingerprint-attracting pain.. However I did find that unlike Guerlain, Estee Lauder's case doesn't have the same solid heavyweight feel. It's probably made of a cheaper plastic material, but still it looks pretty just sitting there..

What attracted me to the quad was actually the top 2 shades. My favorite neutrals of course.

I can see how this was a popular choice for the holiday season as it does evoke a sense of glamour and decadence, while keeping it to shades wearable for the everyday woman.

Pigmentation is pretty good and texture is smooth, blending a breeze. The third shade has a bit more red in it then I would like, but the other shades more than make up for it. Overall, this quad is a solid performer in my stash that I still pick up from time to time despite having newer toys to play with.


The casing is soooooo nice....
the packaging is so Guerlain and such a fingerprint magnet! =D