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December 2012

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Blush Crush - Cargo

Since we're on a roll with the blushers anyway, I figured let's just continue... Raise your hands if you're getting bored and I'm sure I can find something other than blushers to blog about.. lol..

You guys saw this from my last post of my Beauty.com blush haul. Now for a closer look at each of these lovely blushers.

Key Largo is the most eye-catching one of the lot, a bright raspberry shade that might look scary in the pan, but it's totally gorgeous when applied sparingly =)

Looking back at my past few blush posts, I realised I've been stocking up on pink blushers!! Catalina is a pretty universally flattering shade of pink that's a real no-brainer to apply.

Ok I have to admit that part of the attraction of Cannes was cuz I'd been there several times myself.. lol.. But come on.. Who doesn't love a peachy blush?

From left: Cannes, Catalina, Key Largo
Swatched in natural light

From Left: Cannes, Catalina, Key Largo
Swatched under flash light

As usual, Cargo's quality is amazing, and I'm really scratching my head over why they're not more well-known or well-loved. Do check out this range of blushers if you've got the chance! You won't be disappointed =)


I really like the look of Key Largo! How does it appear on your cheeks? I'm v tempted to get it too!
Key Largo is definitely very pretty.. it appears reddish/coralish on my cheeks, but i have to take care to apply with a fluffy brush or a stippling brush
*cannot look at ur blushes* cos they makes me wants to buy oso!!! nnoooo.....Pwretty cannes!
hehehehe Cargo blushers are really good!!! Trust me.. they're worth it!
So pretty de blushes~~~ But the price kinda high too..

They're about the same price as a NARS blush.. And if you can order during a sale, I find it's actually quite worth it =)
<3 catalina and cannes!!